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ICTP-SAIFR School on Interaction of Light with Cold Atoms


ICTP-SAIFR School on Interaction of Light with Cold Atoms

ICTP-SAIFR School on Interaction of Light with Cold Atoms

Start time: January 30, 2017

Ends on: February 10, 2017

Location: São Paulo, Brazil



Light-matter interaction is one of the oldest, broadest and most fundamental scientific topics. Progress made during the last three decades in the preparation of cold matter and the suppression of classical noise allowed the emergence and the experimental manipulation of special coherence properties of matter and light, with applications to quantum sensing and quantum information processing.

This school is for masters, PhD, and exceptional undergraduate students, interested in fields related to light scattering, cold and ultra-cold matter, quantum information and quantum optics. Participants will be invited to give short talks and present posters on their research activities. There is no registration fee and limited funds are available for travel and local expenses.

This activity will be followed by the ‘Experimental Week of Atomic Optics (February 13-17, 2017)’ to be held at USP-São Carlos (IFSC-USP). The students interested in participating in this experimental event should send an email to Limited funds for travel (São Paulo – São Carlos) and local expenses will be provided by CePOF – Centro de Pequisas de Ótica e Fotônica.


  • Romain P. M. Bachelard (IFSC-USP, Brazil )
  • Philippe W. Courteille (IFSC-USP, Brazil )
  • Robin Kaiser (Institut Non Linéaire de Nice, France)
  • Rodrigo F. Shiozaki (IFSC-USP & UFSCar, Brazil)
  • Raul C. Teixeira (IFSC-USP & UFSCar, Brazil)


First week

Photons and Atoms
Jean-Michel Raimond (Université Pierre & Marie Curie, France)

Quantum gases 
Jook Walraven (Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Ultracold atoms in optical lattices
Christof Weitenberg (Universität Hamburg, Germany)

Second week

Quantum information with photons
Luiz Davidovich (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Cold Rydberg systems
James P. Shaffer (University of Oklahoma, USA)

Cold molecules & Efimov physics
Claus Zimmermann (Universität Tübingen, Germany)


  • Vanderlei S. Bagnato (IFSC-USP, Brazil): Experiments and theory on Quantum turbulence in BEC: an overview and new perspectives
  • Philippe W. Courteille (IFSC-USP, Brazil):  Atom-cavity interactions in the service of inertial sensing 
  • Alejandra Catalina Valencia González (Univ. de los Andes, Colombia): Experimental quantum optics: a testbed for quantum measurement  and quantum decoherence
  • Emanuel A.L. Henn (IFSC-USP, Brazil): Ultracold Dipolar Gases
  • Aldo P. Delgado Hidalgo (Univ. de Concepción, Chile): Quantum tomography and related matters
  • Robin Kaiser (INLN – Nice, France): Coherence and diffusion in light-matter interaction
  • Giacomo Roati (LENS – Florence, Italy): Atomic Fermi Gases
  • José W. R. Tabosa (UFPE, Brazil): Nonlinear optics with cold atoms

Application deadline: November 25, 2016

More information:

Experimental Week of Atomic Optics – 13-17/02/2017

Following the two-week (theoretical) ICTP-SAIFR School on Interaction of Light with Cold Atoms inICTP-SAIFR (São Paulo-SP), a week of experimental initiation to atomic optics will be organized in São Carlos Institute of Physics (IFSC/USP). São Carlos is situated at 235km from São Paulo, and hosts several cold atom experiments, including the only Bose-Einstein condensates of South America.

The students attending this event will participate in experimental activities, which will give them an overview of the work realized routinely in cold atom laboratories:

–          Doppler-free spectroscopy of alkali atoms
–          Measurement of the velocity distribution of an atomic beam
–          Fabry-Perot cavity as a frequency discriminant
–          Stabilization in intensity of a laser beam using an acousto-optic modulator
–          Building of an electro-optic modulator to frequency-modulate a laser beam

This week of initiation is dedicated to advanced undergraduate students, master students and young PhD students, and is free of registration fees. The transport from São Paulo and accommodation in São Carlos will be provided by the Centro de Pesquisas de Ótica e Fotônica, which will host the event.

The students interested in participating in this experimental event should send an email to

More information:

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