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ARTÍCULO 2.2. Para ingresar a la SMF, la persona que desee ser socio presentará una solicitud de ingreso apoyada por dos socios activos que será analizada y en su caso aceptada por la Mesa Directiva. Si fuese aceptado, el solicitante será miembro cuando haya pagado la cuota correspondiente del año en curso.

Recibo de*: Donativo Cuota (IVA 16%)
Socio titular $1,500.00 MXN $1,740.00 MXN
Socio estudiante $750.00 MXN $870.00 MXN

*La SMF expide dos tipos de recibos: “Donativo” y “Cuota de Inscripción”. La diferencia principal es que el segundo incluye 16% de IVA y generalmente es el tipo de comprobante que aceptan las instituciones.

Latin American Workshop on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, July 25-29, 2010 Latin American School on Magnetism, July 22-24, 2010

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Latin American Workshop on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, July 25-29, 2010 Latin American School on Magnetism, July 22-24, 2010

Second announcement and call for abstracts
Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the IX Latin American Workshop on Magnetism, Magnetic Materials and their Applications (IX LAW3M) and the Latin American School on Magnetism to be held in the last two weeks of July, 2010. Both events will take place at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Manizales, Colombia. The meeting will consist of plenary sessions devoted to invited lectures (at least 15 invited speakers are expected) and to short contributed oral presentations, as well as poster sessions.

Manizales, the conference venue, is a town with 420.000 inhabitants located in the Middle Western part of Colombia, with most facilities and was recently considered the number 17th within the best cities of South America. It can be easily reached by plane or car from Bogota. The flight from the Manizales National Airport – La Nubia –lasts just 40 minutes to Bogota. Several hotels, conveniently located near both to the
Airport and the University, are available and provide appropriate accommodation at preferential rates. Due to its geographic position, people can enjoy in Manizales beautiful and diverse landscapes such as valleys, snow mountains and tropical forests.

The conference is being organized by a joint effort between many different national institutions and international organizations. LAW3M has a very important history on the topic of magnetism and that gives us the opportunity to gather many people working on Magnetism from many different countries. Besides the conference, we are also organizing a small school on magnetism oriented to under-graduate, master’s and doctoral students, postdocs and non-experts in magnetism or other related fields.

The school lecturers and topics are as follows:

Roberto Zysler: Magnetism in Nanostructured Systems. Argentina. 6 hours.

Fernando Machado: Magnetotransport Properties in Magnetic Materials. Brazil. 6 hours.

German Pérez & Jean-Marc Greneche: Mossbauer Effect in Magnetism. Colombia & France. 6 hours.

Razvan Caracas & Aldo Romero: Density Functional Theory in Magnetism. France & Mexico. 6 hours.

The considered invited speakers are as follows:
Carlos A. Ramos, Argentina.
Francisco Sánchez, Argentina.
Antonio Azevedo, Brazil.
Flavio Garcia, Brazil.
Marcelo Knobel, Brazil.
Mario Baibich, Brazil.
Miguel A. Novak, Brazil.
Nivaldo Lucio Speziali, Brazil
Paulo C. Morais, Brazil.
Rosa B. Scorzelli, Brazil.
Sergio M. Rezende, Brazil
Miguel Kiwi, Chile.
Jean-Marc Greneche, France
Razvan Caracas, France
Roberto Escudero, Mexico.
Andreas Berger, Spain.
Ricardo Ibarra, Spain.
Ale Lukaszew, USA.
Lisa Tauxe, USA.

To be confirmed
Pedro Prieto, Colombia.
Bruce Davidson, Italy.
Sergio O. Valenzuela, Spain.
David Landau, USA.
Marcelo Jaime, USA.

While for the participation of the school, it is not necessary to submit any contribution, for the workshop, we ask you to submit one as a poster or an oral presentation. Proceedings will be published in a recognized international journal. While the level of the school will be on the basis of a graduate student, the conference will be quite related to experts, even though we have asked the invited speakers to take note on the number of students that will be participating.

With respect to important dates and costs, here they are:

Abstract submission deadline: March 31, 2010
Acceptance of abstracts: 30 April, 2010
Reduced fee and hotel reservation: May 31, 2010
Paper submission deadline: May 31, 2010

Regular participant:
280 USD (until May 31, 2010).
350 USD (after May 31, 2010).
Students (requires proof of status):
180 USD (until May 31, 2010).
220 USD (after May 31, 2010).
School registration: 100 USD (until May 31, 2010)
Workshop and School registration: 250 USD (until May 31, 2010).
Accompanying Persons: 100 USD.

We have received already the support of different international institutions but we are still requesting a bit more to ensure the presence of the large number of invited speakers and also to increase the support for students.

We look forward to seeing you in Manizales, Colombia, to contribute to an exciting scientific program, and help strengthen the collaboration among specialists from different parts of the world, particularly the magnetism community in Latin America.

Abstracts can be submitted by uploading them in the meeting website: If you have difficulties doing it, please send the abstract to the following email address:

Abstract text must be written in times new roman font, size 10. There is a limit of 2500 characters. The character count includes title, authors, affiliation, spaces and abstract.

You can use the abstract template attached (Microsoft Word) to prepare your abstract. Bold words in the template are not included in the character count.

Merry Christmas and happy new year,

Sincerely yours,

Andrés Rosales (Chairman),
Aldo Humberto Romero (Co-chair)
Germán Pérez (Co-chair)
Main organizers

Victor Maya Higuera